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29.07.2016 Museum's of the Second World War catalogue of the permanent exhibition.

Cover of the catologue.

Cover of the catologue.

Museum of the Second World War presents the catalogue of the permanent exhibition. The exhibition covers over 5.000 m² with around 2.000 exhibits shown on it. It is the result of many years of work that has been conducted by the team of historians from the Museum of the Second World War and its Advisory Board, which gathers eminent researchers from Poland and abroad.

The exhibition is being manufactured at the moment and assembled in the Museum’s building. The installation is to be finished in November 2016. The opening of the Museum of the Second World War for the visitors is planned in the beginning of 2017. The exhibition already receives a great deal of attention. We decided to make the exhibition’s catalogue available to the public before the opening of the Museum, so that the discussions that are taking place now be substantive and refer to the actual shape of the exhibition.

The catalogue is a presentation of the exhibits and also includes historical commentary and is a concise compendium of knowledge about Second World War. The catalogue has been published in Polish and English.

Publication is available on-line in polish and english.

14.07.2016 The reviewes of the Musuem's main exhibition and replay of the Museum's menagment.

We published three revievs of the Museum’s main exhibition written on order from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and a reply of Museum's menagment.

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